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Safety Tips

Home security tips

Sometime we all go for a holiday and are away from home. This time is the most vulnerable period for Home Security. To protect our biggest investment we would do in all our life and its contents, the installation of an Intruder Alarm is very important. There are other tips one can follow in order to minimise the risk of an intrusion and unnecessary problems.


Social Networks:Never post that you are going for a holiday, or will be away from home on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. You are never sure who can view your posts. Make it a point that your children follow this tip.


Safe:It is important to have a safe installed, keep this information personal and install it out of sight. Preferably always keep your valuables and cash locked away especially if you are not going to be home. Do not keep excessive cash at home. Never use a date of birth or telephone number as your safe’s combination code.


Mail:Try not to leave accumulated mail in your letter box. Ask one of your family members to pass by your house to remove the mail.


Lights:It makes a lot of a difference to switch on some lights and/or the TV set in the evening by means of a timer. This gives the impression that people are in the house.


Keys:While you are away, do not leave your house’s spare keys behind the front door. If available put them away in your safe. This will not make it easy for an intruder to walk away with the heavier items (such as your LCD TV) through your front door.


Lock:On leaving home double check all windows and secondary doors are locked and arm the intruder alarm before locking your front door. Also check that where possible, the socket outlets are switched off. This may prevent a short circuit.


If you follow these tips, you and your home will be much more secure.