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Anti mask sensors

Designed for high security commercial installations where masking is a concern, our  Anti Mask DUAL TEC Motion Sensor combines DualCore™ signal processing with MaskAlert™ anti-mask technology to ensure superior performance. Superior Anti-mask Protection is achievedthrough a combination of PIR and microwave signal processing, MaskAlert technology quickly detects intentional and accidental masks or blocks. The sensor sends a trouble signal whenever it encounters mask conditions. Power-up anti-mask detects mask conditions at start-up to reduce sensor security breaches during installation, servicing and power outages. DualCore signal processing analyzes PIR and microwave signals through the microcontroller. DualCore processing supports a multitude of advanced functions, including concurrent diagnostics, digital fluorescent light interference filter, digital adaptive microwave threshold, adaptive baselines, and bidirectional temperature compensation. The DualCore Signal Processor analyzes the signal in multiple domains, including amplitude, time, frequency and duration to provide superior false alarm immunity without compromising detection. DualCore processing not only supports alarm functions, but also advanced temperature compensation, diagnostics and false alarm features.


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