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Pet immune motion sensors

Dualtec Animal Immunity Sensor

 By combining Uniform Sensitivity Optics with the advantages offered by K-Band technology, our DUALTEC sensor gives installers & end users the best of both worlds — quality detection and the ability to ignore pets or other animals up to 45Kg. The Patented False Alarm Prevention Featuresoffer more than the standard features that protect against false alarms due to RF signals, electrostatic discharge, and electrical overstress. The patented black bug guard improves white light immunity and the patented adaptive microwave threshold circuit automatically adjusts for room disturbances. The K-Band microwave technology delivers sharp detection without holes or weak spots. The custom made source offers pattern shaping to fill the protected area with a broad, balloon-shaped pattern which matches the PIR pattern. It also offers pattern containment to reduce the penetration of microwave energy through walls.


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