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Coloured safes

Innovative and original range of safes and cabinets that combines the security of an armour-plated safe with the design and functionality of a modern piece of furniture  thanks to the elegant shining lacquered finishing. Ideal for modern offices and houses.

  • Outside covering in lacquered panels.
  • Available colours. 

 • red (code RED; i.e. 3202MCLRED)

 • blue (code BLUE; i.e. 3204MCLBLUE)

 • beige (code CREAM; i.e. 3256MCLCREAM)

 • burgundy (code BORDO; i.e. 3252MCLBORDO)


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, Coloured safes Malta, Safes Malta, Malta Coloured safes
, Coloured safes Malta, Safes Malta, Malta Coloured safes