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About Us

The J. Grima & Co. Ltd. Guarantee

Our promise is a solemn one, that we will always act in your best interest & with utmost good faith, likewise we would also ask you to treat us in the same manor, despite our 24/7 service  we would always appreciate your candid comments as whether or not something is of urgency, similarly you would appreciate that when a real nuisance problem rears its head our guaranteed 12 hour response is knocked back to usually 1to 1.5 hours at worst, usually within the hour. Needless to say, clients with a maintenance agreement do not have unpredicted nuisances due to the strategic preemptive routine checks.

Also of interest is that our choice of equipment is such that in the unlikely event of a fault, we attend on site without any ifs or buts, this is done at a cost to us, only because unlike the vast majority of our competitors we select the components to ensure they work in our climate, you would never catch us saying… it has to settle down. WE survey, design, install maintain thereafter & that’s your problem solved, granted we are not the cheapest for a given description, but for a given quality we certainly are competitive & hassle free.