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About Us


J Grima & Co Ltd  was established following the merger of operations section  of John Grima Ltd  & Pac Co Ltd in October 1994 . John Grima Ltd had been involved in security since 1980 & PAC was involved in the manufacturing sector since 1975 and also had vast experience in the construction of semi automated machinery mainly in the plasters & coating area.

The company offers its services to resident and non-resident clients in the commercial and industrial sector as well as the domestic market. Our specialty is in the high risk area & unlike our competition who focus more on the description of components forming a system we excel where systems are required to be designed & installed so that they would work when put to the test, invariably this position leads us into the only workable option of getting involved in the particular’s clients operation so as to understand the requirements to an extent where we could design a system/s that would form an integral part of their business.

The consulting and management services are designed to provide value to  corporate and institutional clients with a culture  of developing risk management, this results in  a comprehensive matrix of systems that form a single passably complex solution. In addition to satisfying the primary role of security & risk reduction it also provides a management tool to assist in the day to day operation of the going concern.

With a combined staff compliment of over fifteen  professionals and a worldwide  network of security & fire partners/ suppliers, J Grima & Co Ltd  have the resources and tenacity to be perfectly placed to provide a comprehensive local service with an international reach.